The Culture Connection

Meera Sharma
Meera shares her experiences in growing up in Britain and travels to the US and how that has shaped her as an individual and to not be afraid of pursuing your dreams.
Sajani Barot
Sajani gives an insight on her busy but fulfilling life on being a mom, Pharmacist and starting her own brand, 'The Skin Consult' and shows us that you truly can have it all.
Manasi shares her story on how she proudly shares her pride of her Indian heritage through her beautiful art.
Sruthy shares how her love of music motivated her to change her career from engineering to a musician and reminds us that hard work will always bring success.
Alia Dalal
Alia shares how her heritage and love of food has inspired her to become a health and wellness chef and teach her clients there is more to food than meets the eye.
Vaishali Patel
Founder of Sanskar Teaching, Vaishali Patel talks about how her love of Indian culture influenced her to start her business and share this gift with others.
Rasha Goel
Rasha shares her journey on how hard work and determination has made her one of the most sought out South Asian female Entertainment Journalist. (Photo Credit: Kuna Lu)
Erika Neumayer
Designer Erika Neumayer talks about her fashion journey and the influence of her German heritage on her brand, 'Rare Dirndl'.
Karuna Antani
Karuna chats about her advocacy for mental health programs, and her passion for dancing and singing.
Azka Mistry
Azka dishes on assimilating to life in Dubai and Seattle, and her aspirations to create a skincare line.
Aishah Iqbal

Aishah discusses how her heritage has inspired her podcast, life coaching for moms, and self-titled book.

Charis Naidu
Charis talks about her multicultural marriage, and her passion for equestrian vaulting in the Bay Area.
Sejal Shah
Sejal talks about her inspiration for creating her kids language company, 'Bolo Bolo Baby'.
Meenakshi Sharma
Meenakshi discusses how she wants to use her podcast to bring parenthood topics and taboo issues to the forefront.
Tejal V Patel
Tejal chats about her devotion to teaching mindfulness, and offers some meditation tips.
Hetal Vasavada
Hetal dishes on cooking with her mom, and her inspiration for her cookbook, 'Milk & Cardamom'.
Nehal Tenany
Nehal Tenany dishes on some of the taboo topics she's taking on with her podcast, 'The Woke Desi'.
Fatimah Asghar
Writer Fatimah Asghar shares her thoughts on identity, and the process for developing her poetry.
Priya Mehta
Priya talks about exploring stand-up comedy, and her motivation for starting her podcast.
Jenny Vyas
Jenny discusses how her South Asian heritage and personal experiences have shaped her art journey.
Varsha Mathur
Varsha Mathur explains how she transitioned from a career in law to life coaching.